Batman And Robin / Dayflower
(45 rpm single)


Original release:
45 rpm single: Smash 2020 (1966)

Other releases:

45 rpm single Philips BF 1485 (1966)

Batman And Robin

Duane Allman is suspected to play on 'Dayflower' (with The Allman Joys), but this has not been confirmed yet.

This line-up of "The Spotlights" is the same as the line-up of "The Allman Joys" from around the summer of 1966, when Mike Alexander had just replaced Bob Keller on bass, and just before Maynard Portwood was replaced (in New York) by Bill Connell on drums.

The picture is from the archives of "The Plain Dealer", a newspaper from Cleveland, OH.

Sahara Club, Pensacola, FL
(courtasy of Walter Vanderbeken)

On page 38 of his book “Heaven and Hell: My life in The Eagles (1974-2001)” Don Felder confirms that "The Allman Joys" also used the name "The Spotlights":

2 singles by "The Spotlights" were released on Smash Records in 1966:
Smash 2020: Batman And Robin / Dayflower
Smash 2031: Dick Tracy / Little Orphan Annie

The track "Batman And Robin" was originally released on the 1966 LP releases of "The Superrecord Of Superheroes" by "The Super Dupers" on the "Design" and "Happy Time" labels:

Side A: 1. Batman And Robin - 2. The Phantom - 3. The Shadow - 4. Flash Gordon
Side B: 5. March of Tarzan - 6. Captain Marvel Jones - 7. Mickey Mouse March - 8. The Green Hornet

We have compared the recording of "Batman And Robin" from the Smash single with the Super Dupers version and it's exactly the same.
The recordings for the LP were made in New York and, just like the 2 "Smash" singles, produced by Snuff Garrett and Leon Russell.

In this interview J.J. Cale talks about the recording of the Super Dupers LP:
“Record producer Shelby Singleton was working for Mercury Records at the same time we did the ‘Dick Tracy’ single [the J.J. Cale version of "Dick Tracy", released on Liberty Records in 1965], so Leon and Snuff came by one day and said, ‘You want to go to New York? We’re going to cut a whole album of cartoon songs.’ That was before LPs were a big deal. So Leon, Snuff , and I went up to New York City to cut this album. I was sitting in one room writing songs. Leon was in the studio leading the musicians, and Snuff was coming and getting the songs from me. He’d come in and say, ‘Write a song about Little Orphan Annie,’ and I’d start writing the song in the room and he’d take it into the studio where Leon would get all the musicians to play it. It was wild.”

Please contact us if you have more information about the involvement of The Spotlights / The Allman Joys in the Super Dupers LP and the Smash singles.

(Thanks to Al Booth for providing info and the recordings of the 2 tracks and to Craig Ruskey for the additional info about The Spotlights picture)