Double CD Collection

Original release:
CD: CD Series NSS-014 (April 2003)

  1.   Apollos: Rockin' Horses
  2.   Apollos: Just Dreaming
  3.   Apollos: Walk By Myself
  4.   Apollos: I Found A New Girl
  5.   Birdwatchers: Love, Emotion, Desire
  6.   Birdwatchers: I Don't Care
  7.   Birdwatchers: Blue Suede Shoes
  8.   Birdwatchers: She Tears Me Up
  9.   Birdwatchers: Wake Up Little Susie
10.   Gary Stites & The Birdwatchers: Real Appeal
11.   Gary Stites & The Birdwatchers: While I'm Gone
12.   Birdwatchers: It's A Long Way Home
13.   Birdwatchers: It Doesn't Matter
14.   Birdwatchers: Girl I've Got News For You
15.   Birdwatchers: Eddie's Tune
16.   Birdwatchers: I'm Gonna Love You Anyway
17.   Birdwatchers: A Little Bit Of Lovin'
18.   Birdwatchers: I'm Gonna Do It To You
19.   Birdwatchers: I Have No Worried Mind
20.   Security Blankets: Schroeder
21.   Birdwatchers: Mary Mary (It's To You I Belong) (Alternate version, different guitar / no organ)
22.   Birdwatchers: Mary Mary (It's To You I Belong)
23.   Birdwatchers: Cry A Little Bit
24.   Birdwatchers: Turn Around Girl
25.   Birdwatchers: You Got It
26.   Birdwatchers: Put A Little Sunshine In My Day
27.   Birdwatchers: Than You Say Bo Bah
28.   Birdwatchers: Can I Do It (as featured in the film WILD REBELS)
29.   Sammy Hall w/ Birdwatchers: Just Be Yourself
30.   Sammy Hall w/ Birdwatchers: Weeping Analeah
31.   Glass Bubble: Dreamin' In The Rain
32.   Glass Bubble: You Don't Need A Reason
New Rock Band: Rock Steady
New Rock Band: Little David
35.   Mousetrap: Spinning Wheel
36.   Mousetrap: Rhymetyme
37.   Birdwatchers: Mr. Skin
38.   Birdwatchers: Come Home Baby
39.   Sammy Hall: Drug Talk

Duane Allman plays on tracks 33 & 34.

(The Birdwatchers used various aliases: The Apollos, Security Blankets, Glass Bubble, The New Rock Band, and Mousetrap).

1) Stuart Krause: 'Duane Allman: The Studio Recordings' published in the November 2005 issue of 'Discoveries'. According to Stuart Krause, Duane plays slide guitar on these tracks.

2) The booklet of the CD release of Clarence Reid's 'Dancin' With Nobody But You Babe' (Water 121, 2003).

3) :
. . . . . In the summer of 1968, Alaimo and Shapiro scored a huge local hit with "Sandcastles", by a Jacksonville band called the Bitter Ind. When the famous club The Bitter End asked that the band's name be changed, the group was told their new name from that point on would be THE 31st OF FEBRUARY.
The 31st of February was a trio, but they'd be joined in performance by a pair of brothers from Daytona Beach, Duane and Gregg Allman. All would do session work at Henry Stone's Tone Studios in Hialeah.
One session featured members of the Birdwatchers jamming with Duane Allman (on bass). What resulted was the track "Rock Steady", issued on Henry Stone's Scott label under the name "THE NEW ROCK BAND".
"Rock Steady" reached #27 on WQAM in December 1968. The airplay prompted Laurie Records to take a chance on the track.
The flip side, "Little David", was merely the instrumental track to "Rock Steady". . . . .

Update January 27, 2010:
According to Craig Caraglior of 'The Birdwatchers' the musicians on the 'The New Rock Band' tracks are:
Craig Caraglior (stage name: Craig Curtis) - Guitar
Bobby Puccetti - Piano
Eddie Martinez - Drums
Duane Allman - Bass
(Thanks to Jeff Lemlich of for the additional information).