Rock Steady / Little David
(45 rpm single)


Original release:
45 rpm single: Scott 401 (October 1968)

Other releases:

45 rpm single: Laurie LR 3480 (1968)

45 rpm single: Vogue (France) INT 80168 (19??)

Rock Steady
Little David

Duane Allman plays on both tracks.

(The New Rock Band was an alias of 'The Birdwatchers'.
They used various aliases: The Apollos, Security Blankets, Glass Bubble, The New Rock Band, and Mousetrap).

1) Stuart Krause: 'Duane Allman: The Studio Recordings' published in the November 2005 issue of 'Discoveries'. According to Stuart Krause, Duane plays slide guitar on these tracks.

2) The booklet of the CD release of Clarence Reid's 'Dancin' With Nobody But You Babe' (Water 121, 2003).

3) :
. . . . . In the summer of 1968, Alaimo and Shapiro scored a huge local hit with "Sandcastles", by a Jacksonville band called the Bitter Ind. When the famous club The Bitter End asked that the band's name be changed, the group was told their new name from that point on would be THE 31st OF FEBRUARY.
The 31st of February was a trio, but they'd be joined in performance by a pair of brothers from Daytona Beach, Duane and Gregg Allman. All would do session work at Henry Stone's Tone Studios in Hialeah.
One session featured members of the Birdwatchers jamming with Duane Allman (on bass). What resulted was the track "Rock Steady", issued on Henry Stone's Scott label under the name "THE NEW ROCK BAND".
"Rock Steady" reached #27 on WQAM in December 1968. The airplay prompted Laurie Records to take a chance on the track.
The flip side, "Little David", was merely the instrumental track to "Rock Steady". . . . .

Update January 27, 2010:
According to Craig Caraglior of 'The Birdwatchers' the musicians on the 'The New Rock Band' tracks are:
Craig Caraglior (stage name: Craig Curtis) - Guitar
Bobby Puccetti - Piano
Eddie Martinez - Drums
Duane Allman - Bass
(Thanks to Jeff Lemlich of for the additional information).

4) On November 1, 2006 Ann Sandlin wrote in the forum on the Allman Brothers Band website:

Since there is no other guitar player listed, it stands to reason that Duane must have also played guitar....or just guitar as I've discovered some people confuse the bass guitar with plain guitar....or vice versa. If the B side is Little David then the A side must be Rock Steady. The other players are Bobby Puccetti on organ, Sammy Hall - vocals and Eddie Martinez on drums.....for those who might be interested in that additional information."

5) On November 2, 2006 Stuart Krause wrote in the forum on the Allman Brothers Band website:

Regarding the New Rock Band sessions, here is some further clarification to anyone interested: I did speak to Sammy Hall and he said that he had already left the band when "Rock Steady" was recorded at Tone or TK studios.
Here is the reply from Bobby Puccetti regarding the single:

Bobby Puccetti: "I wrote 'Rock Steady' and it was recorded by the studio group who then worked for Tone distributors (Henry Stone, Steve Alaimo). We needed a backside so we pieced together parts of the audio track and Duane played over it. It was the first time I ever heard bottleneck guitar and I was amazed by it. Duane was an incredible talent...I played keyboards on the session. As I recall David Brown was on bass and "Duck" Sandlin was on drums. At the time I was called "Bobby Birdwatcher" for my group but Duane chose to call me "Bird Dog". The rhythm section was called the Zoo. Duane, Gregg, Butch Trucks, David Brown, and a guy named Scott (last name escapes me) filled in for my band at the club when we went on the road. Incidently, "Little David" was my son about 5 at the time. Brad Shapiro was the producer...."

That is quoted from Puccetti. Little David was the flip side and this Scott he refers to is probably Scott Boyer. Just a little more info on the session