Sage By Sage

Original release:
LP: Illusion Records CM 2004 (1970)

Other releases:
CD: Radioactive Records RRCD081 (UK)  (2004)

My Girl
2.   Lovely Lady
3.   Don't Stop Loving Me
4.   No One But You
5.   I'm Satisfied With You
6.   I Believe In You
7.   Morning Dove

Duane Allman was suspected to play on track 1.

'Sage' was a Tampa, FL based band that was founded in 1967 and existed for about 30 years.
The initial line-up was: John Cameron (guitar), Hilda Williers (bass), Ray Williers (guitar) and Rodger Stephan (drums).


   Hilda Williers

   John Cameron

On February 27, 2010 Don 'dzobo' Sobocinski contacted Yvonne de Villiers, the daughter of Hilda Williers and this was her reply:

Hi Don........
Wow! What a blast from the past!
The slide guitar work was done by Sage's lead guitar player, John Cameron. He moved in with our family when he was 13 and was an amazing talent. He 
was the lead player for Sage from it's inception and remained in the band with my mother and biological brother, Ray for 30 years or so. Rodger Stephan was originally on drums and was replaced by Mike Eagan in the late 70's.
I spoke to my mom (who lives next door to me) regarding your question.
The Sage albums were produced by Mike Pinera of Blues Image and Iron Butterfly fame. He was also a Tampa native who was very influential on John's playing as was Duane. Duane actually showed John how to play slide here in Tampa in the early days. After Duane died, Sage was playing in West Palm Beach when Gregg heard Sage play. He thought that John sounded exactly like his brother and sat in with them on their gigs there.
I hope this helps. I will be happy to ask her any other questions.

Yvonne de Villiers
Creative Director/Designer Luna Guitars


And on February 28, 2010 Don received some more info from Yvonne de Villiers:

Hi Don..........
[John Cameron] told me a bit about how he got Duane to teach him some slide. John was 16 at the time and and Duane was his hero. He would follow him around to gigs in Florida and talk to him all the time about his playing. This was before "backstage".  He hounded Duane until Duane asked him "If I show you some things, will you leave me alone?" LOL! He taught John the open E tuning, told him he played with a Coricidin cold medicine bottle (on his third finger) and showed him a few things. John immediately bought a Gibson SG like Duane's and began to try to emulate Duane.

John was 17 in 1970 when he played on My Girl.



Thanks to Don for all his work on this case.