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CHRONOLOGY PART 6: 1995-2007


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  The Coleman-Hinton Project CD 'Lost And Found' is released by Breathe Easy Music. (DETAILS)
  The various artists CD 'The Lanor Records Story 1960-1992' is released. (DETAILS)
    JANUARY 1995
  January 12: The original line-up of The Allman Brothers Band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the tenth annual induction dinner. Willie Nelson is their presenter. (VIDEOS)
    FEBRUARY 1995
  February 14: Scott Freeman's book 'Midnight Riders - The Story Of The Allman Brothers Band' is published.
    JUNE 1995
  June 1: Tim Farrell's album 'Very' is released.
It contains Duane Allman's composition 'Little Martha'.
  Rowland Archer's article 'The Night They Closed The Fillmore Down' is published in 'Hittin' The Note', June 1995, Issue 12
    JULY 1995
  July 10: The radio show 'In The Studio - Eat A Peach' is broadcasted in the week of July 10. (DETAILS)
  July 18: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band CD 'The Original Lost Elektra Sessions' is released. (NOTE)

Camden, NJ
July 30, 1995
page 8B

Daily News
New York, NY
July 31, 1995
page 27

Rolling Stone
September 21, 1995
page 34

July 28: Eddie Hinton dies in Birmingham, AL at the age of 51.
    DECEMBER 1995
December 28: The Allman Brothers Band album 'Eat A Peach' is certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
    FEBRUARY 1996
  February 12: The radio show 'The Allman Brothers Band: Off The Record Classic' is broadcasted in the week of February 12. (DETAILS)
    APRIL 1996
April 13, 1996
page 51
April 13: From the April 13 issue page 51 of 'Billboard' magazine:
PolyGram ad: Duane Allman box set coming in 1996
    MAY 1996

May 14: The article 'The Allman Brothers Band: The Road Goes On Forever' by Kirk West as told to Alan Paul, first published in January 1993 in 'Guitar World', is reprinted in 'Guitar World Legends Presents: Classic Rock', No. 16. (READ)

    AUGUST 1996
August 31, 1996
page 117
August 31: From the August 31 issue page 117 of 'Billboard' magazine:
In Print: Midnight Riders: The Story Of The Allman Brothers Band
    SEPTEMBER 1996
  September 24: The various artists compilation CD 'Masters Of Blues: Tribute To Elmore James' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 1996
  Dave Kyle's article 'Duane Allman - The Road Goes On...' (READ) and Willie G. Moseley's article 'Joe Dan Petty: Techin' It Twice' (READ) are published in 'Vintage Guitar Magazine', November 1996, Vol. 11 No. 2.
    DECEMBER 1996
  Dave Kyle's articles: 'The Big House', (READ) 'Berry Oakley' (READ) and 'Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama ' (READ) are published in 'Vintage Guitar Magazine', December 1996, Vol. 11 No. 3.
  A remastered version of Miles Davis's 1959 album 'Kind Of Blue' is released on CD. This album is probably Duane's biggest inspiration. (DETAILS)
This album is mentioned by Duane in a December 10, 1970 interview with Jon Tiven (New Haven Rock Press). (READ)
The liner notes of this new release are written by Robert Franklin Palmer Jr., formerly Chief Pop Critic for The New York Times, the author of 'Deep Blues, Rock and Roll: An Unruly History', and other books.
You can read the part of the liner notes where he writes about Duane and Gregg Allman HERE
    JANUARY 1997
  Dave Kyle's article 'Remembering Duane Allman' is published in 'Vintage Guitar Magazine', January 1997, Vol. 11 No. 4. (READ)
    FEBRUARY 1997
  February 3: The radio show 'In The Studio - Eat A Peach' is broadcasted in the week of February 3. (DETAILS)
    MARCH 1997
  March 4: The Allman Brothers Band CD 'Fillmore East - February 1970' is released by PolyGram / Grateful Dead Records. (DETAILS)
    APRIL 1997

Tampa Bay Timess
St. Petersburg, FL
April 10, 1997
page 2B

The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati, OH
April 11, 1997
page E3

April 8: Laura Nyro dies at the age of 49.
April 19, 1997
page 79
April 19: From the April 19 issue page 79 of 'Billboard' magazine:
PolyGram ad: Duane Allman box set coming in 1997
    JUNE 1997
  June 10: Wilson Pickett's compilation CD 'In The Midnight Hour And Other Hits' is released. (DETAILS)

June 28, 1997
page 88

Ronnie Earl 1996 album 'Grateful Heart: Blues And Ballads' is dedicated to Duane Allman, John Coltrane and Rahsaan Roland Kirk.
The track 'Skyman' is also dedicated to Duane Allman.
    SEPTEMBER 1997
  September 23: Gregg Allman's compilation CD 'One More Try: An Anthology' is released. (DETAILS)
    OCTOBER 1997
  October 14: Boz Scaggs' compilation CD 'My Time: A Boz Scaggs Anthology 1969 - 1997' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 1997
  November 4: Petula Clark's album 'Warm And Tender' is released on CD. (NOTE) (DETAILS)
  The original lineup of The Allman Brothers Band is inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame in Macon, GA.
    JANUARY 1998
  January 13: Aretha Franklin's compilation album 'The Delta Meets Detroit: Aretha's Blues' is released. (DETAILS)
    MARCH 1998
  March 5: The Georgia State Senate passes a resolution designating a portion of State Highway 19 in Macon
from the intersection of Holt Avenue to College Street as 'Duane Allman Boulevard'.
  March 23: The radio show 'In The Studio - 1st Album / Idlewild South' is broadcasted in the week of March 23. (DETAILS)
    JUNE 1998
  June 9: The Allman Brothers Band CD 'Mycology - An Anthology' is released. (DETAILS)
  John Ogden's article 'First There Is A Mountain' is published in issue 26 of 'Hittin' The Note'.

Charlie Daniels' album 'Tailgate Party' is released. The record is dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman and the liner notes contain the poem 'The Bottleneck Bandito': (READ)
    FEBRUARY 1999
February 1: Duane Allman is officially recognized and inducted as a legendary blues artist in the Blues Hall Of Fame in Chicago, IL.

    MARCH 1999
  Andy Ellis' article 'Bottleneck Meltdown - How To Cop Duane Allman's Wailing Slide Sound' is published in the March 1999 issue of 'Guitar Player'. (READ)

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
March 12, 1999
page A22

Tampa Bay Times
St. Petersburg, FL
March 13, 1999
page 2B

March 7: Lowell Fulson (aka Lowell Fulsom and Lowell Fullsom) dies in Long Beach, CA at the age of 77.
    OCTOBER 1999
October 30, 1999
page 3
October 30: From the October 30 issue page 3 of 'Billboard' magazine:
'Early Days Revisited: Page Meets The Crowes'
    NOVEMBER 1999
  November 25: Gavin Edwards' article 'Nothing Weighs As Much As A Heartache: Thirty Years Of Ups And Downs With The Allman Brothers Band' is published in 'Rolling Stone', issue #826. (READ)
    DECEMBER 1999
  December 18: Ray Waddell's articles 'An American Classic' and 'The Allman Brothers: The Billboard Interview', Sam Graham's article 'Tom Dowd: A Producer's Impressions' and Terry Barnes article 'Loyalty Oath: They Couldn't Have Done It Without The Enduring Support Of Their Fans' are published in 'Billboard'. (READ)
  Dean Reynolds' book 'The Complete Allman Brothers Band Discography' is published.
  The Coleman-Hinton Project CD 'Lost And Found' is released by Orchard records. (DETAILS)
  The Derek And The Dominos bootleg CD box 'Substance vol. 1' is released. (DETAILS)
The article 'A Moment Captured In Time: The Crawdaddy Interview With...Duane' is published in 'Hittin' The Note' issue 26.
This article was first published in 'Crawdaddy' in early 1970 (Vol. 4, No. 5). (READ)
  Also published in 'Hittin The Note' issue 26:

Sam Hare's article 'Slowhand Remembers Skydog - Eric Clpaton Comments On Duane Allman'. (READ)

Rick Whitney's article: 'Architectural Heritage - A Tale Of Two Houses. (READ)

Alan Paul's article: 'Low Down And Dirty - Gregg Allman: Looking Back...Looking Forward'. (READ)

Glenn E. White's article: 'Remembering Brother Duane Allman In The Classroom'. (READ)
  Mitch Lopate's article 'John D. Wyker - Hallucination Verification - John Wyker And Mighty Field Of Vision' is published on:
    JANUARY 2000
January 8: Joe Dan Petty, an original roadie with the Allman Brothers Band and Dickey Betts' guitar tech until his death, dies in a private plane crash in Macon, GA.
In the 1970's and 1980's Joe Dan Petty was also the bass player in the band 'Grinderswitch'.
In 2003 the Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association (GABBA) planted a tree and placed a marker in memory of Joe Dan Petty at Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, GA.
    FEBRUARY 2000
  February 7: Oasis' CD-single 'Go Let It Out' is released. (NOTE) (DETAILS)
  February 28: Oasis' CD 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' is released. (NOTE) (DETAILS)
    MAY 2000
  Michael B. Smith and Roxanne Crutcher's article 'Pete Carr' is published on:
    AUGUST 2000

Intelligencer Journal
Lancaster, PA
August 28, 2000
page B-5

The Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, IN
August 28, 2000
page D6

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA
August 28, 2000
page B4

Detroit Free Press
Detroit, MI
August 29, 2000
page 3B

The Daily Oklahoman
Oklahoma City, OK
August 29, 2000
page 6-B

August 26: Gov't Mule bassist Allen Woody, who also played in The Allman Brothers Band from 1989-1997, dies in New York at the age of 44.
    FALL 2000
  Mitch Lopate's article 'Delaney Bramlett' is published on:

Joseph L. 'Red Dog' Campbell's book 'A Book Of Tails' is published.


Guitar World Acoustic, issue #48:
Gregg Allman stated that he got his first decent acoustic guitar from Duane. "He traded his favorite road axe--a '56 Telecaster body with a '53 [ sic, the Stratocaster was introduced by Fender in 1954 ] hogback Stratocaster neck, with some kind of crazy booster on the side--for a Gibson J-45. I couldn't believe he did that for me because he loved that guitar, but he had seen legitimate signs of a successful songwriter in me, and he knew I needed a boost." (NOTE)

Comment : According to Paul Hornsby this hybrid Tele-Strat was stolen during the short "Power of Love" tour in the Midwest in March and April 1968.

    JANUARY 2001
  Michael Buffalo Smith's article 'Paul Hornsby: An Ear For Southern Rock' is published on:
  January 7: James Carr dies at the age of 58.
    APRIL 2001

The Arizona Republic
Phoenix, AZ
May 3, 2001
page B6
April 30: Vernon 'Maynard' Charl Reece Portwood, the drummer of 'The Escorts' and the original drummer of 'The Allman Joys', dies in Phoenix, AZ at the age of 55. (NOTE)
  Jeff Perlah's article 'The Road Goes On Forever' is published in the April 2001 issue of 'On Stage' (Vol. 2 No. 4). (READ)
    OCTOBER 2001
  October 21: Malcolm X. Abram's article '30 Years Down The Road' is published in The Macon Telegraph. (READ)
  October 23: The Allman Brothers Band compilation CD 'The Road Goes On Forever' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 2001
  November 5: James Carr's compilation CD 'The Complete Goldwax Singles' is released. (DETAILS)
  November 26: The Ovations' track (with Duane Allman) 'Rockin' Chair' is released on the various artists compilation CD 'The Goldwax Story - Volume 1'. (DETAILS)
  The Allman Brothers Band CD 'American University 12/13/70' is released. (DETAILS)
    EARLY 2002
  In the article 'George Jackson From The Heart', published in 'Juke Blues' magazine (UK, issue no. 50, early 2002) George Jackson confirms that Duane Allman played on his sessions at Rick Hall's FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. (READ)
    JANUARY 2002
  Derek Halsey's article 'John McEuen' is published on:
    FEBRUARY 2002
  February 3 & 4: The radio show 'The Allman Brothers Band: Off The Record Classic' is broadcasted. (DETAILS)
    APRIL 2002
  April 20: Wes Orshoski's article 'Allman Brothers' Own Label Debuts With 'American' Album' is published in 'Billboard'. (READ)
    MAY 2002
  May 7: Jerry Douglas' CD 'Lookout For Hope' is released. (NOTE)
    OCTOBER 2002

The Palm Beach Post
West Palm Beach, FL
November 3, 2002
page 6J
October 27: Tom Dowd dies at the age of 77.
    DECEMBER 2002
  Barney Hoskyns article 'Southern Men: The Long Tall Saga Of The Allman Brothers Band is published in 'Mojo' Issue 109. (READ)
  Duane Allman Signature Les Paul issued by the Gibson Custom Shop. (NOTE)
  The Allman Brothers Band CD 'S.U.N.Y. At Stonybrook 9/19/71' is released. (DETAILS)
  The documentary 'Tom Dowd And The Language Of Music' is premiered.
  The Bleus' compilation CD 'The Bleus And Friends - The Complete Collection 1966-1971' is released. (DETAILS)
    MARCH 2003
  March 3: Duane Allman's guitar strap is sold on Ebay for $ 15,000.
  March 16: Ed Grisamore's article 'Parting With A Piece Of The Brotherhood' about Duane Allman's guitar strap is published in The Macon Telegraph. (READ)
    APRIL 2003
  The compilation CD 'The Birdwatchers: Double CD Collection' is released.
This CD contains the 2 tracks with Duane by 'The New Rock Band' (an alias used by The Birdwatchers). (DETAILS)
  Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield's CD 'Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes 12/13/68' is released. (NOTE)
    JULY 2003

Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia, PA
July 3, 2003
page 31

The Indianapolis Star
Indianapolis, IN
July 3, 2003
page A7

July 1: Herbert Jay Solomon 'Herbie' Mann dies at the age of 73.
    SEPTEMBER 2003

Rolling Stone
December 11, 2003
page 209

September 23: The Allman Brothers Band CD 'The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East - Deluxe Edition' is released. (DETAILS)
    OCTOBER 2003
  October 21: The Allman Brothers Band CD 'Live At The Atlanta International Pop Festival 1970' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 2003
  November 5: Singer Bobby Hatfield, best known as one half of the Righteous Brothers, dies in Kalamazoo, MI at the age of 63.
In 1970 he released his solo album '
Messin' In Muscle Shoals (With Music In My Soul)'.

Marysville Journal-Tribune
Marysville, OH
November 17, 2003
page 2

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
November 18, 2003
page B11

November 17: Arthur Conley dies at his home in Ruurlo in The Netherlands at the age of 57.
    FEBRUARY 2004
  February 2: The Spencer Wiggins track (with Duane Allman) 'I Never Loved A Woman (The Way I Love You)' is released on the various artists compilation CD 'The Goldwax Story - Volume 2'. (DETAILS)

Orlando Sentinel
Orlando, FL
February 13, 2004
page B4

Orlando Sentinel
Orlando, FL
February 20, 2004
page 8

February 12: Bob Greenlee, who played with Duane Allman in 'The House Rockers / The Untils' in 1963/1964, dies in Sanford, FL at the age of 59.

http://williamvandyke.com/bob2.html  :
"The early 1960's music scene in Daytona was a perfect mixture of races and musical styles coming together…Surf meets Soul. While still a student at Sea Breeze High School, Bob began his career singing and playing bass guitar in such mixed bands as The Pearl Notes, and The Houserockers/Untils, which included the local talents of Floyd Miles, Pete Carr, Jim Shepley and two blonde brothers known as Duane & Gregg Allman. They played many places within the Daytona teen-scene, including George's Place, The Paradise Inn and the area's main dance club/hangout, The Ocean Pier."

    SPRING 2004
  Michael Buffalo Smith's article 'Johnny Sandlin: Southern Producer, Engineer and Musician' is published on:
    APRIL 2004
  April 26: James Carr's compilation CD 'My Soul Is Satisfied - The Rest Of James Carr' is released in the UK. (DETAILS)
    MAY 2004
  A 20-page interview with Eric Clapton by Nigel Williamson is published in the May 2004 issue of 'Uncut' in the UK. (READ)
    JULY 2004
  July 26: The Hour Glass compilation CD 'Southbound' is released in the UK'. (NOTE) (DETAILS)
  Andy Ellis' article 'How To Play Like... Duane Allman' is published in the July 2004 issue of 'Guitar Player'. (READ)
    AUGUST 2004
  August 24: The documentary 'Tom Dowd And The Language Of Music' is released on DVD.
    OCTOBER 2004
  October 18: Sage's album 'Sage By Sage' is released on CD in the UK. (DETAILS)
    DECEMBER 2004
  December 2: This was posted on http://robertoreg.blogspot.nl/2004_11_28_archive.html :

PETE CARR IN MACON: courtesy of Capn Dean
Subject: [MFV] Historical Guitar

Below is (and attached) is a pic of me playing in Capricorn Studios about 1969. The guitar which I bought from Sylvan Wells when I was younger and still living in Port Orange (right south adjoining Daytona) has some great stories that go with it.
I just did a session with Paul Hornsby and he reminded me that when Duane first started playing Slide Guitar that he used my Tele (shown above) to use for slide playing for a while in our live gigs.
At first Paul thought his slide playing sounded terrible and it was but he was just learning.
So, this is the guitar that Duane learned to play slide on or one of the main ones anyway in the very beginning of his departure into the slide guitar realm.
Also when we were doing a gig in Jacksonville FL. one night Duane got into a “Who” mood and threw the guitar down on the floor and broke the neck right at the head stock. I took it back to Port Orange and my Dad glued it back together. He did a fine job. You can still see a hairline crack where the break was from Duane throwing it down on the floor.
This guitar might be worth some good money to some hard core big Duane Allman fan for historical value.
I also have a picture of Duane’s daughter, Galadrielle (That is a hard name for me to remember the spelling of) holding the guitar somewhere that I will post when I find it. I wouldn’t let of it go cheap though.
What do you think.
PETE CARR  http://playthatguitar.com ( invalid URL )
  Doris Duke's CD 'I'm A Loser - The Swamp Dog Sessions...And More' is released in the UK. (DETAILS)
    MARCH 2005
    March 23: This was posted on http://robertoreg.blogspot.nl/2005_03_20_archive.html by Johnny Wyker:

"I can tell you that the JOHN HAMMOND SESSIONS were held at the old Muscle Shoals Sound...which did not open until 1969. I used to drive Duane to FAME for his sessions...Duane lived at the Stokes Cottage on WILSON LAKE and Duane never ever had a car or "short" (as Duane would say) that I ever knew about...so I drove him to work most days...sometimes I'd stick around and sometimes I had other thangs to do...
I went to several drug stores with Duane in The Shoals and we'd ask the pharmacist if Duane could look through his empty bottles....and we'd sit on the floor and dig through the boxes and Duane would try out different bottles as a slide....he finally settled on the Coricidan(sp) bottle.
Duane also played a lap dobro on The COWBOY sessions.at MUSCLE SHOALS SOUND...the song was "Please Be With Me".
At that time I had the converted UPS truck that a cabinet maker had gotten hold of and put a bed in it and drawers...and all the comforts of home.
I remember parkin' that truck behind MSS while the COWBOY session was taking place...and Tommy and Scott would sit out in my truck and practice their parts...
On the track that Duane played Dobro on he was snortin' so much Coke...that if you listen real close to the track you might can hear him snifflin',,, or suckin' air up his nose to keep the coke drainage from come out of his nose and onto his face..his hands were busy playin'...so he had to suck it up...
I remember we were laughin' our asses off because you could hear him so loud on the track along with his dobro part...they may have doctored it out of the track...but it happened ...I was there.
I never ever saw Duane play Dobro lap style again....he sat down with it on his lap.... maybe all they had was a square neck Dobro at the studio at that time so Duane had to sit it on his lap.
  March 30: Willie Perkins' book 'No Saints, No Saviors - My Years With The Allman Brothers Band' is published.
    MAY 2005
  May 2: The Ovations CD 'The Ovations featuring Louis Williams: Goldwax Recordings' is released in the UK. (DETAILS)
May 8: Butch Trucks responded to Grover Lewis' article 'Hitting The Note With The Allman Brothers Band' that was published on November 25, 1971 in 'Rolling Stone', issue #96.
This is the letter that Butch Trucks wrote to the editor of The New York Times:

Grover Lewis' 1971 article 'Hitting The Note With The Allman Brothers Band': (READ)

    JULY 2005
  July 12: Steve Alaimo's compilation CD 'Steve Alaimo 50s - 70s' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 2005
  Stuart Krause's article 'Duane Allman: The Studio Recordings' is published in the November 2005 issue of 'Discoveries'. (READ)
  The Capricorn Rhythm Section's CD 'Alive At 2nd Street Music Hall' is released. (DETAILS)
    JANUARY 2006

Detroit Free Press
Detroit, MI
January 20, 2006
page 5B

The Clarion-Ledger
Jackson, MS
January 20, 2006
page 3E

The Boston Globe
Boston, MA
January 20, 2006
page A15

Herald News
Passaic, NJ
January 20, 2006
page B5

January 19: Wilson Pickett dies at the age of 64.
    APRIL 2006
  April 10: The Spencer Wiggins compilation CD 'The Goldwax Years' is released in the UK. (DETAILS)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA
April 25, 2006
pages E1 & E4

The Journal News
White Plains, NY
April 25, 2006
page 3B

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA
April 27, 2006
pages C1 & C6

April 23: music impresario Phil Walden dies at the age of 66.
    MAY 2006
  May 23: The Allman Brothers Band CD 'Eat A Peach - Deluxe Edition' is released. (DETAILS)
    JUNE 2006
  June 19: Laura Lee's compilation CD 'The Chess Collection' is released in the UK. (DETAILS)
  June 25: Arif Mardin dies in New York at the age of 74.

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
June 30, 2006
page B10

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta, GA
June 29, 2006
page B6
June 25: Johnny Jenkins dies in Macon, GA at the age of 67.
    JULY 2006
  July 11: Wilson Pickett's compilation CD 'The Definitive Collection' is released. (DETAILS)
    SEPTEMBER 2006

September 16: Gregg Allman is inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame in Macon, GA.

  September 26: Eric Quincy Tate's CD 'Eric Quincy Tate' is released.
Duane Allman plays on the previously unreleased bonus track 'Comin' Down (demo version)'. (DETAILS)
  September 26: Wilson Pickett's compilation CD 'The Definitive Wilson Pickett' is released. (DETAILS)
    OCTOBER 2006
  October 1: Randy Poe's book 'Skydog - The Duane Allman Story' is published. (PREVIEW)
  October 30: Michael Ventre's article 'In Memory Of Duane Allman' is published on www.msnbc.msn.com. (READ)
Nigel Williamsons' article 'Eric Clapton And Friends on Derek And The Dominos' "Layla": "It Still Knocks Me Out Every Time" is published in the October 2006 of 'Uncut' magazine' (UK), issue no. 113.

On March 29
, 2018 the article is also published on:
    NOVEMBER 2006

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, CA
November 2, 2006
page B11

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale, FL
November 4, 2006

November 1: Buddy Killen, the owner of Dial Records, the company that released the Allman Joys LP 'Early Allman Featuring Duane And Gregg Allman' in 1973, dies in Nashville, TN at the age of 73. DETAILS
  November 28: Jan Reid's book 'Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs By Derek And The Dominos' is published. (NOTE)
    DECEMBER 2006

The Greenville News
Greenville, SC
December 15, 2006
page 8A
December 14: Ahmet Ertegün, the Turkish-American co-founder and executive of Atlantic Records and chairman of 'The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum' dies at the age of 83.
  The Allman Brothers Band CD 'Boston Common 8/17/71' is released. (DETAILS)
  Promotional limited edition 9-CD album set comprising the Allman Brothers Band albums 'The Allman Brothers Band', 'Idlewild South', 'At Fillmore East', 'Eat A Peach', 'Beginnings', 'Brothers And Sisters', 'Win, Lose Or Draw', 'Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas' and 'Enlightened Rogues' is released in Japan. (DETAILS)
    JANUARY 2007

January 24: At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Boston Tea Party, the legendary 1960's rock ballroom, The Bostonian Society unveiled an historical marker on the building at 53 Berkeley Street in Boston, MA. The Allman Brothers Band played concerts at this venue on 5 nights in 1969 before The Boston Tea Party moved to 15 Lansdowne Street on July 12, 1969.
  Michael Buffalo Smith's article 'John Hammond' is published on:
    MARCH 2007
  March 26: Arthur Conley's compilation CD 'The Platinum Collection' is released. (DETAILS)
    APRIL 2007
  Jesse Gress' article '10 Things You Gotta Do To Play Like Duane Allman' is published in the April 2007 issue of 'Guitar Player'. (READ)
  Andy Aledort's articles 'Big Brother' (Dickey Betts Remembers Duane Allman) (READ) and 'Slide Of Hand' (How To Play Duane Allman's Bottleneck Boogie) (READ) are published in the April 2007 issue of 'Guitar World'.
    AUGUST 2007
  August 28: The Allman Brothers Band Ultradisc CD 'Idlewild South' is released by MoFi (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab). (DETAILS)
    SEPTEMBER 2007

photo by Jim Marshall
September 26: Mike Callahan, founding road crew member of The Allman Brothers Band dies.
He was also Galadrielle Allman's uncle, because he was married to Joanie Roosmann, the sister of Galadrielle's mother Donna.


In 2010 the Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association (GABBA) planted a tree and placed a marker in memory of Mike Callahan at Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, GA.
    OCTOBER 2007
  October 8: Eric Clapton's compilation album 'Complete Clapton' is released. (DETAILS)
  October 9: Irma Thomas's compilation CD 'Two Phases Of Irma Thomas' is released. (DETAILS)
  October 14: Drummer John 'Nasty Lord' Meeks, who played in 'The Second Coming' with Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley, dies.
  October 16: Aretha Franklin's CD 'Live & Unreleased Recordings From The Golden Reign Of The Queen Of Soul' is released. (DETAILS)
    NOVEMBER 2007
  November 12: Lulu's CD 'The Atco Sessions 1969-72' is released. (DETAILS)

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