Flute, Air And Rock
(aka: "Herbie Mann '71")

Original release:
LP: Embryo SD-533 (1971)
(This album was never released)

1.   Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
2.   Una Muy Bonita
1953 Blue Boogie Children
4.   Last Time For Lonely
5.   Just An Old Balalaika Love Song

Duane Allman plays on track 3.

April 2013 update with information from Scott Cantor:

I contacted the Warner Music Group through an industry contact about Herbie Mann '71. I was told that the album was out of print and that the Duane track was not on it. So I started the process of contacting the musicians who are still alive and who played on the session.

The album's name is "Flute, Air And Rock". According to the musicians, Arif Mardin released Herbie from Embryo after the recording and that is why the album was never released. They believe the masters were lost in a fire at an Atlantic record warehouse. However through the kindness of all the musicians I was able to locate an acetate of the sessions
that has been sitting in John Siegler's attic for 40 years!

John Siegler, Tom Coppola and Mark Rosengarden all remember recording with Duane. They remember Duane coming in and playing on "1953 Blue Boogie Children". They say he was quiet, and humble.
The cut runs 15:30 and has almost no Duane playing lead, just rhythm, but
Duane does not replace Sonny Sharrock, as mentioned below, but he plays together with Sonny.
(Thanks to Scott Cantor for this information and the track)

According to http://www.jazzdisco.org/atlantic-records/catalog-east-west-embryo-vortex-series/#sd-533 the recording sessions for this album took place in New York City on April 19, 21 & 24, 1971 and August 25, 1971.
On April 21, 1971 Duane Allman replaced guitar player Sonny Sharrock and '1953 Blue Boogie Children' was recorded.

We are not sure, however, that April 21, 1971 was the actual recording date. It is also possible that on this date the master number was assigned and that the recording took place on April 26, 1971. On that day Duane Allman was in New York City and played as a guest during the second set of the 'Grateful Dead' concert at the Fillmore East.

This is the information as found on the above mentioned website:

Embryo 500 series (12 inch LP)

SD 533 Herbie Mann '71

Herbie Mann (flute, alto flute) Tom Coppola (electric piano) Sonny Sharrock (guitar) John Siegler (bass) Mark Rosengarden (drums) Dave Johnson (percussion)
NYC, April 19, 1971
21945          Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
21946          Una Muy Bonita

Duane Allman (guitar) replaces Sharrock
NYC, April 21, 1971
21948          1953 Blue Boogie Children

Herbie Mann (flute, alto flute) Tom Coppola (electric piano) John Abercrombie (guitar) John Siegler (bass) Mark Rosengarden (drums) Googie Coppola (vocals)
NYC, April 24, 1971
21971          Last Time For Lonely

Herbie Mann (flute) Tom Coppola (piano) Sonny Sharrock (guitar) John Siegler (bass) Mark Rosengarden (drums) Dave Johnson (percussion)
NYC, August 25, 1971
22738          Just An Old Balalaika Love Song

In 1975 Sonny and Linda Sharrock recorded a new version of '1953 Blue Boogie Children' that was released on the album 'Paradise':