(one-sided acetate)

Original release:
One-sided acetate: Atlantic (?) (1969)

1. Dimples

Although 'Allman Bros.' is written on the label, we assume that this is the version Duane Allman recorded for his solo project in January/February 1969 at Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL with Berry Oakley (Bass), Paul Hornsby (Piano, Organ) and Johnny Sandlin (Drums).

The one-sided acetate must have been manufactured later than January/February 1969, because at that time the Allman Brothers Band didn't exist yet. Maybe it was manufactured on July 28, 1969, as written on the label.

Another possibility is that this track was recorded during the recording sessions for the first Allman Brothers Band album and remained unreleased.

Update September 23, 2009:
We found a recording of 'Dimples'  
that does not sound like an Allman Brothers Band recording:

This is the recording from this acetate and it is probably the version of 'Dimples' that was recorded during the January/February 1969 sessions at Fame for Duane's solo project.


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