John Simon's Album

Original release:
LP: Warner Bros. WS 1849 (1970)

Other releases:
CD: Water 145 (2005)

  1. The Song Of The Elves
  2. Nobody Knows
  3. Tannenbaum
  4. Davey's On The Road Again
  5. Motorcycle Man
  6. Rain Song
  7. Don't Forget What I Told You
  8. The Fool Dressed In Velvet
  9. Annie Looks Down
10. Did You See?
11. Railroad Train Runnin' Up My Back

Duane Allman was asked to play on this album, but eventually he couldn't make it, and Eddie Hinton played guitar on the record.
But there were some rehearsals in New York with Duane.

Here is a piece of 'Steinway And Sons March':
And 'You Wouldn't Know The Truth':

Walter Vanderbeken did an interview with John Simon in 1994 who told that when he was going to do his own first album after producing the Band's second album, he was looking for the right guitar player. Robbie Robertson suggested Duane Allman - whom he didn't know at that stage. He called him up and Duane came to New York City where they did a session.
Then John Simon went down to Muscle Shoals. Duane suggested he'd go down there and the idea was that Duane joined him there. As it turned out, Duane couldn't make it so he ended up using Eddie Hinton.