Old Friend
The Fame Recordings Volume 3

Compilation album.

Original release:
Ace Records Ltd. / Kent Soul (UK) CDKEND 408 (2013)

  1.   It's Up To This Woman
  2.   I'm Holding On
  3.   I'm In The Middle Of A Good Thing
  4.   It Ain't Nothin' Like When
  5.   Break Away From Me
  6.   Don't Let A Good Thing Go To Waste
I Got My Own Style Of Lovin'
  8.   Just Another Day
Superstitious Woman
10.   If You Ain't Here
11.   You Got To Make A Decision
12.   We Got The Perfect Love
13.   Doesn't It Make Sense To You
14.   All He Can Do Is Love You
15.   Heart On A String
16.   Bad Case Of Love
17.   Add A Little Sunshine (Kent LP HIQLP 002, 2013)
18.   Your Love Caught Me Off Guard
19.   Gotta Have Soul (George Jackson & Marjorie Ingram)
20.   Old Friend (You Ask Me If I Miss Her)
Switch Tracks
22.   Two Legs And A Red Dress
23.   That From The Heart (Kent LP HIQLP 002, 2013)

Won't Nobody Cha-Cha With Me (home demo)

All titles are previously unissued Fame recordings, except tracks 17 & 23, issued in 2013 on Kent LP HIQLP 002.

Duane Allman plays on track 7.

According to the liner notes Duane Allman is also suspected to play on track 21, but this has not been confirmed yet.

Duane Allman might also play on track 9.

Wilson Pickett recorded his version of "I Got My Own Style Of Lovin' " with Duane Allman in October, November or December 1968 at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL.

You can listen to Wilson Pickett's  
version from the album 'Hey Jude' here:

The liner notes of the George Jackson CD mention that a comparison between the two versions reveal that they share elements of the same backing track, in particular Duane Allman's bluesy guitar work.

But if we compare Duane's 15 seconds guitar solo's from both versions, it is obvious that they are completely different.

Duane's solo on the George Jackson version:
Duane's solo on the Wilson Pickett version:

On March 22, 2014 Scott Cantor spoke with David Hood (in the 1960's studio bassist for FAME and also co-founder of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio) and Jimmy Johnson (in the 1960's studio guitarist and sound engineer for Rick Hall's FAME Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL. and in 1969 co-founder of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio). They confirmed that Duane Allman plays on track 7, they don't know who plays guitar on track 9 and they believe Travis Wammack is the guitar player on track 21.

(Thanks to Scott Cantor for this information)

In the article 'George Jackson From The Heart', published in 'Juke Blues' magazine (UK, issue no. 50, early 2002) George Jackson confirms that Duane Allman played on his sessions at Rick Hall's FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL:






(click to enlarge)


(thanks to Stuart Krause for the magazine)