Victim Of A Man / One Thousand Dollar Bill

Original release:
probably unreleased (1969)

1. Victim Of A Man
2. One Thousand Dollar Bill

Duane Allman is suspected to play on these tracks.

It is possible that 'Victim Of A Man' is the song with the same title, composed by Eddie Hinton and Marlin Greene, and registered at BMI on March 4, 1969.
Eddie Hinton was also present at the Aretha Franklin sessions, and probably also at the sessions for these two tracks.

Duane Allman wrote in his diary:
"Jan. 6 [1969]: Begin Aretha Franklin session - In New York.
Aretha wasn't available to record today, so we cut this girl Donna Weiss from Memphis. She was a really nice chick, but I'm afraid not much of an artist . ....."
(Source: Galadrielle Allman: 'Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father, Duane Allman', page 143 (Spiegel & Grau, 2014).

The Atlantic Records tape ledgers show that on January 9, 1969 master numbers were assigned to two Donna Weiss tracks, recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios:
master # 16066 Victim Of A Man
master # 16067 One Thousand Dollar Bill

There is no release information about these tracks available.
It seems these tracks are still unreleased.

Update April 12, 2014:

Scott Cantor asked Bill Levenson to check this at Atlantic Records.
It turns out that the tapes of these two tracks have been destroyed in a fire at an Atlantic Records warehouse in the 1970's.

(Thanks to Scott Cantor for this information)

One of the most devastating vault losses in modern industry history occurred in February, 1978 in a fire in a non-air-conditioned Atlantic Records storage facility in Long Branch, N.J.
The warehouse fire destroyed virtually all of Atlantic's unreleased masters, alternate takes and sessions tapes by artists who had recorded for the label and its offshoots throughout its classic 1948-1969 first golden era.
Thousands of performances by nearly a hundred of America's most acclaimed r&b, soul, pop and jazz artists were lost in the fire. According to several sources, between 5,000 to 6,000 reels of tape were destroyed or damaged. Just a handful of the artists names reads like a short-form Who's Who in Mid-Century American Music.
To compound the dimension of the losses, most of the material - all but the first few years - had been recorded in stereo. Atlantic was an industry leader in recording in the new mode as early as 1952.

Update April 15, 2014:

Scott Cantor contacted Donna Weiss, but she doesn't remember who played on any of the tracks she recorded under the production team of Jerry Wexler, Tom Dowd and Arif Mardin. She also does not have any of these recordings.

(Thanks to Scott Cantor for this information)

Update November 4, 2014:

We were contacted again by Donna Weiss.
She doesn't remember she ever recorded 'Victim Of A Man' or 'One Thousand Dollar Bill'.
She also doesn't remember Duane Allman playing on any of the tracks she recorded on January 6, 1969 at Atlantic Recording Studios in New York.